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Celebrating Small Business Month: 7 Ways Women Business Owners Can Invest in Themselves and Thrive

As a women business owner, Small Business Month is a perfect time to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments.

a group of women celebrating, each holds a sparkle

Here are some ideas for how to celebrate and support your business during this time:

  1. Reflect on your achievements: Take some time to reflect on what you have accomplished since starting your business. Celebrate your milestones, both big and small, and acknowledge the hard work that has gone into them. This article highlights the importance of self-reflection in success. Share with us in the comments any of the big accomplishments you have had.

  2. Network with other women business owners: Reach out to other women business owners in your community, attend virtual events or join groups on social media to connect with others in your industry. This is a great way to share your experiences, learn from others and build relationships that can benefit your business in the long run. If you aren't sure where to start, check out our Women Power Partners, who are happy to meet with you and discuss the ups and downs of running a business.

  3. Promote yourself on social media: Use social media to showcase your products or services, share your story, and attract new customers. Create engaging content that resonates with your audience and consider collaborating with other businesses or influencers in your industry. Let us know if you are doing something special and we are happy to share on our social media as well. Just send us a note at

  4. Try something new: Use Small Business Month as an opportunity to experiment with new products or services, or to try out new marketing strategies. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your business fresh and exciting. If you are unsure, we can consult with you to determine if your new product or service will open you to increased risk and how to mitigate it appropriately.

  5. Invest in yourself: Consider taking an online course or attending a workshop to learn new skills that can benefit your business. This can help you stay competitive and better serve your customers. I highly recommend checking out the the Idea Collective Retreat and the Women's Business Conference.

  6. Celebrate your team: Take time to acknowledge and appreciate your team members. Show them that you value their contributions and celebrate the unique skills they bring to your business. If you aren't sure where to start, check out Sugarwish. The Athena team uses this to celebrate during the course of the year.

  7. Take a break: Running a business can be exhausting, so don't forget to take time for yourself. Use Small Business Month as an excuse to take a well-deserved break and recharge your batteries.

Remember, as a woman business owner, you are an important part of the small business community. Take the time to celebrate yourself and all that you have accomplished by following these ways women business owners can invest in themselves.


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