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Empowering Women to take Control of Their Financial Wealth

Guest Post: Jennifer Kleckner, Co-Founder of 10X Prosperity, LLC

Many women serve as the chief financial officer of their household. Approximately 38% of married women earn more than their husbands, yet data shows that women have low confidence when it comes to money and building wealth.

Let’s change this by understanding that most women tend to think and approach money differently which is not a bad thing. In fact, this is a great place to begin! It is time to build confidence in making financial decisions by setting personal financial goals (either in learning more or reaching a financial target) and taking actions (even small ones) towards building wealth.

Gain Confidence:

Trust your gut with confidence! Most women I talk with have a very good intuitive approach when it comes to managing money. It is important to confirm those feelings with data, but don’t dismiss your feelings because the points below support the strength of women and money.

  • Women currently control 40% of global wealth due to more education, career advancements and financial independence*

  • Women carry 22% less overall debt than men do*

  • Female investors outperform male investors by 0.4% or 40 basis points* 

  • Companies led by female executives are more likely to be profitable than their male counterparts*

  • In 2021, 18% of home purchases were made by single women (largely between age 66 and 74) while 9% were made by single men*

3 women having a business meeting

Set a Financial Goal:

Yes, it is time to set your personal financial goals.

  • Increase your financial knowledge – contact a mentor to help or sit down with your partner to learn and get more confidence regarding your own money

  • Set a financial goal and plan - not only will this help you accomplish a dream but also set your confidence towards a new and exciting life!

Take Action:

It might be difficult to know where to start with your financial situation. Even with ‘seasoned’ clients, we start by having them organize and understand in more detail their flow of money. Use these tips to help with your wealth building strategy.

  • Liquid money- How many months of expenses do you have in liquid money? This includes money outside of your commercial bank.

  • Cash flow is vital to wealth building. Do you have a clear understanding of specific money coming in and out of your accounts? How much is your surplus or deficit?

  • Debt can be overwhelming but understanding the difference between bad debt and good debt is imperative in wealth building. (Yes, there is a difference so don’t let fear drive your ability to leverage good debt)

  • If you are just starting, you can start by taking control and being prepared for an emergency situation.

o Know where to find key financial documents (have a list of financial, legal, insurance,

banking accounts with locations)

o Make sure your name is included on accounts (where appropriate)

o Do you know/can locate the passwords for all the accounts?

o Complete or update your Wills/Trust/POA (don’t forget to update beneficiaries –

including you!)

o Build, store and have access to liquid money

Ready to get started or need help? Contact me at to request our free money guide, cash flow awareness or debt awareness form.

Cheers to empowering women to take control of their financial wealth!

Jennifer Kleckner is the Co-Founder of 10X Prosperity. Jennifer has brought her experience, skills and talents as an educator and financial strategist to the Precision community. Influenced early by her educational career in the insurance industry, Jennifer’s passion and care towards her clients paired with creativity and strategy towards our financial systems bring authenticity, integrity and value to the financial industry. She has a proven ability to help people look at building their financial wealth not by using the typical financial tools but by introducing alternative types of investments and strategies. Jennifer has 28 years of experience in insurance, financial and facilitation industry


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