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How Much Website Risk Do You Really Have?

the words "website security" showing in a keyboard piece

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about website terms of use and how they protect you from risk that the activities on your website create. After reading that post, you might be wondering how much website risk do you really have?

To help you understand your website's level of risk depending on the activities available on your website, we've created an online quiz.

In today's business environment, technology and an online presence are what are needed to set your business apart and continue to grow your client base.

It is unavoidable.

Part of having a successful website is protecting your website and the transactions that occur on your site.

By taking this quiz, you'll be able to understand how much risk the activities on your website are creating for your business.

Additionally, after taking the quiz, you'll have an opportunity to download our free guide that outlines the top 10 types of activity that create risk, the level of risk each activity creates, and action steps to take to reduce your risks.

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