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How to get a Return of 611%?

Yes, 611%.

That’s a big number! What’s it mean you ask?

That’s the ROI clients of ActionCOACH of Wisconsin received in 2020. Yes, in a year that brought unprecedented challenge to businesses throughout the globe, the clients of ActionCOACH had an ROI of 611%... meaning for every dollar they spent with this company they received $6.11 back.

Now, how to get a return of 611%, you might ask.

a vault with  a lever pointing to Max Level and ROI is written above it

That’s a huge number and almost too hard to comprehend. So let me make it very real for you. A solopreneur, woman-owned business we work with had been in business about 5 years before coming to work with us. She had done alright, nothing earth-shattering but had made enough to have a nice living. She decided to start working with us and began getting serious about three areas:

  • Time

  • Team

  • Money

That’s it, focus in on those areas and let the rest of the chips fall where they may. She met with our group every week throughout the pandemic always focusing on one of those three areas. Her time seemed to be one of the biggest opportunities.

I know she wasn’t alone being someone who found herself traveling down the vortex of Youtube, Instagram, laundry and many other things that distracted her while working from home. But this group, this accountability group helped her stay on track, helped her get back to her true north and her commitments.

She didn’t want to come to her Tuesday morning meetings and have to say she didn’t do the one thing she said she would this week. She’d make small commitments each and every week and began seeing growth. In fact, what she began seeing was clients, lots of clients.

She started to grow and realized by being a part of this group, the business she had was now the business she dreamed of. She was able to contribute significant amounts to a charity she believed in, she was able to see herself as the entrepreneur she dreamed she’d be and she saw net profit increase by 78%! That’s real money she had in her bank account.

It's only grown more over that in 2021. That’s the power of an accountability group, a coach that helps you focus on key areas, that helps you keep the commitments you don’t keep to yourself.

If you read this and find yourself saying, “that’s what I thought was going to happen with my business” stop what you’re doing and do something about it. Email me at and let me know you read this article and that you're intrigued, scared, that you want what that person has, tell me whatever you want but the key is that you reach out.

This team produces real results for real people.

Do you have the results you deserve yet?

If not, reach out today.

Guest Post: Bill Vinson, who is Vice President of ActionCOACH of Wisconsin and a motivational speaker and leader, reaching over 20,000 people. He's also Athena's business coach and a great guy.

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