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Now Accepting Applications for the Athena Women Power Partners Directory

At Athena Legal Solutions, one of our mottos is “you don’t have to hustle alone,” and while this represents the way we work with our clients, it’s about so much more than just how we can help you protect your business. We truly believe that connecting with, partnering with, and learning from other businesses makes us all stronger.

When I started my law firm, I remember how scary it was to be on my own with no one to bounce ideas off or share my business ideas and goals. Thankfully, I quickly found a community of business owners who I could learn from, vent to, and collaborate and commiserate with to manage the ups and downs and loneliness that can come from running your business alone.

I also quickly learned that entrepreneurs love to freely share their experiences and learnings so that others don’t have to make the same mistakes. Most entrepreneurs have an abundance mindset. They truly believe that there is always room at the table for more businesses even those that compete with them because we all have something special and unique to offer. However, it takes courage to ask for help and that can be scary or even seem counterintuitive when you are trying to be taken seriously with your business.

As a woman and having supported and friended several women business owners, I know we often struggle even more with asking for support and assistance. So, to help us more easily find a community of business owners who can support us in 2021, we created the Women-for-Women Power Partners Directory. It is a directory of women-owned businesses that serve women entrepreneurs. This directory includes a variety of businesses that serve and support women-entrepreneurs in all aspects of their journey.

Athena Women Power Partners Badge

As we get ready to launch the next version of the said Directory, we are now accepting applications for the Athena Women Power Partners Directory from women business owners all over the United States to join us.

You can apply until June 30, 2022 by filling out the application form here.

We can't wait to have you as part of our community of game changers!


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