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This is Carolyn Janke. The woman behind Athena Legal Solutions LLC


If you are a business or nonprofit leader,

I founded Athena Legal Solutions just for YOU.


I left my corporate job advising big businesses on how to make more money by protecting their valuable assets and how to appropriately take risks because life is too short to not live your best life!


I wanted to use my legal and business expertise to make an immediate and meaningful difference in the lives of those on the front lines of changing the world –  Leaders just like you.


You've chosen to take risks to build something that will make not only a difference in your life but also the lives of the people in your communities and even the world.  You are amazing! 


Founding Athena Legal Solutions has allowed me to use my business, nonprofit, and legal skills honed after more than two decades in private and public sectors.  Unlike most lawyers, I’ve never worked at a law firm, I've only ever worked as in-house counsel for an organization.  Therefore, my approach to the law is based on the pragmatic realities of running an organization and focused on supporting you in achieving your goals!


I see myself as a trusted part of your team who understands your business and enables you to use the law to grow your organization and achieve your goals. 


Too often leaders don’t seek legal advice until it is too late and the costs are too high. Proactive, instead of reactive, legal actions can set you up for greater success and help you avoid higher costs down the road. 


I'll work with you to evaluate your needs and help you prioritize what actions need to happen in the short-, mid- and long-term to help your organization thrive.


Virtual Law Firm + Strategic Advice + Transparent Fees

Athena was founded by Carolyn Jahnke because no business or nonprofit is too small for good, trusted advice.  Athena offers innovative, value for cost legal solutions to business and nonprofit leaders who too often go without the critical advice they need because of fear or cost.

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Because hustling is more fun together.

Because you owe yourself a legal team who has your back.

Because YOU deserve great advice.
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