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Athena is here to help. Because you don't have to hustle alone.

Athena Legal Solutions + Your Business

At Athena Legal Solutions, we believe that business leaders  are some of the bravest and most independent people in the world.  And what you do changes the world. 

But even visionaries, like you, shouldn't have to do it alone. 


We go beyond for you. We are more than an attorney, we are your trusted teammate.  We  learn your business and serve as  a strategic partner focused on providing pragmatic, business-driven legal advice to help your business grow and thrive.

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Athena offers a variety of flat-rate packages so there are no surprises and you can budget appropriately.

Forming Your Business

We help you determine which entity structure (e.g., partnership, LLC, corporation, etc.) is the right one for your business and helps you  file and form your business.  We also advise on other legal obligations and activities applicable to businesses, including:

  • EIN application

  • Name search

  • Articles of Organization

  • Articles of Incorporation and bylaws
  • Operating Agreements
  • Seller's permit
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Managing Your Business

We work with you to help build and maintain a thriving, well-run organization. We assist with such issues as:

  • Governance

    • Best practices

    • Agenda Planners

    • Board training

    • Company and Board policies

  • ​Mergers and asset transfers

  • Dissolutions

  • Equity agreements 

  • ​Employee agreements - NDA, Non-competes, Assignment of Inventions

  • Employee hiring, managing, and terminations

  • Employee handbooks 

  • Contracts and other types of agreements

    • Customer contracts

    • SaaS contracts

    • Collaboration memorandums of understanding

    • Partnership agreements

    • Agreements with vendors and contractors

  • Contract Negotiations​

Protecting Your Business

We can advise you on how to best protect what makes your business special and limit your risk.  We assist with such issues as:

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