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Flat-Fee Packages

Because you shouldn't have to wonder about cost.


Single-Member LLC Package

Name search, WI single member LLC articles of organization and filing fee, Single Member Operating Agreement, EIN, filing with FINCEN (if needed), and Seller’s Permit (if needed)


WI Married couple Multi-Member
LLC Package

Name search, WI multi-member LLC articles of organization and filing fee, Multi-member Operating Agreement, EIN, UWC, Secretary's Certificate, filing with FINCEN (if needed), and Seller’s Permit (if needed)


Multi-Member LLC Package

Name search, WI multi-member LLC articles of organization and filing fee, Multi-member Operating Agreement, EIN, UWC, Secretary's Certificate, filing with FINCEN (if needed), and Seller’s Permit (if needed)


Business Name Change

Revising your operating agreement, filing an amendment with WI DFI, paying the filing fee, contacting the IRS to get your EIN changed, and executing an UWC to approve the change


WI Corporation Formation Package

Name search, WI  articles of incorporation and filing fee, bylaws, EIN, and Seller’s Permit (if needed)



Athena Legal Solutions will act as your registered agent for one year receiving any service of process notices and any communications from the your state of incorporation


WI Annual Report Filing

Filing your annual report with the state of Wisconsin, paying the filing fee  and providing a 30 minute consultation. You have 30 days to use the consultation


WI Registered Agent & Annual Filing

When you purchase both WI Registered Agent services and annual filing services, you save



Employee Hiring

Includes everything you need to be an employer in Wisconsin:​

  • Registration with the State and IRS

  • Offer Letter

  • Employee Handbook or Various Employee Agreements - Employment, Confidentiality, Noncompete, and Assignment of IP 



As you bring on employees make sure you have the policies in place to protect your business.
This handbook includes the core policies that are needed to protect a Wisconsin employer.



Various Employee Agreements

If you don't have an employee handbook, you need to have a variety of other agreements in place to protect you and your business. These agreements include:

  • Employment 

  • Confidentiality

  • Noncompete

  • Assignment of IP

$350 each

EE Severance Agreement

Appropriately parting ways with an employee to limit your future risk involves having them sign a severance agreement.


Independent Contractor Agreement

Anytime you hire someone to do work on your behalf, it is critical to have an agreement that outlines how that relationship will work. We create a template you can use to work with a number of contractors depending on your needs.



Add a lawyer to your team on an ongoing basis. Commit to 3 months of services and receive 15 hours of legal services during that time at a reduced hourly rate

$1200 a month

Operating Agreement to add Spouse to LLC

If you want to add your spouse to your LLC, we offer a unit purchase agreement, amended and restated operating agreement, and an UWC





Contracts for Your Situation

We can create contracts to address a number of unique situations for your business. Schedule a free consultation and we can discuss what a potential flat rate may look like.



Podcast Guest Release

If you want to use  podcast audio and/or video for your  social media and marketing, you need to have the individual's written permission to use it as you need.  A guest release ensures you can use clips or the entire audio and/or video  in any way you see fit.



If you are talking with vendors or other businesses about ways you can partner, it is critical those conversations are protected by NDA to ensure they can't use your business ideas as their own


Website Protection Package

Your website is a contract with your potential and actual customers. A custom  website privacy policy and terms of use ensure protection of your IP, limits risk, creates clear expectations for accessing your website, documents how purchases are handled, and  complies with privacy laws



Lead Magnet Protection

Makes sure your knowledge, expertise and know-how is protected  by copyright and usage disclaimers when you provide information via lead magnets, free giveaways, documents, websites, etc. to current or potential clients  physically or online



Brand Protection

  • Trademark search 

  • Trademark Application – 1 trademark with up to 2 classes

  • Communications with USPTO throughout the application process excluding office actions (office actions billed at the hourly rate)



Are you thinking about establishing a brand and want to make sure no one else already has your brand in use?


Our comprehensive trademark search includes searching one name/logos and an analysis to help you decide how to move forward.


Trademark Monitoring

Ensure you stop copycats as soon as possible by having us monitor USPTO filings and office actions and websites.


Quarterly, we'll provide you with a report on any potential infringers with recommendations for next steps.


Copyright Registration

If you have created content that is unlikely to change often, filing for copyright protection will give you rights that you can enforce when copycats show up



Trademark Assignment

Are you looking to assign your trademark to a different owner?



Renew your trademark to keep your investment registered with the USPTO


Cease & Desist

Each situation is unique so we discuss your options before moving forward


WI Tradename or DBA

DBA name search, filing of DBA, DBA filing fee




We offer an installment payment option for all flat-fee packages over $500.
* Plus filing fees

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