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Because a solid legal foundation for your business requires ongoing upkeep, it is important that you regularly review your legal risks.


Our 6 Step legal check up reviews your top 3 goals and makes sure your legally covered to achieve them.



Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet with the Peace of Mind that
You're Legally Covered

Does My Organization Need
A Legal Check Up?

Like your health, your business should undergo regular check ups to make sure it is fit for the activities you want to engage in and that no unknown risks that have developed.


The end of the year as you begin planning for 2024 is the perfect time for your legal check up. In addition, a legal check up is always recommended when you are pivoting your strategy, launching new products or services, or when you first expand your team with employees or contractors.  

Our 6 Step Legal Check Up covers the top three key areas of your business or nonprofit that are most likely to create legal risk for your organization. Our check up enables us to highlight any legal risks or opportunities available to you and enables you to be in the best position to protect and grow your organization's value over the next quarter.

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Purchase Your Legal Check Up - One-time or Annual Subscription

We offer your legal check for a one-time flat-rate or annual monthly subscription package making it easy for you to receive clarity on the legal risks and opportunities available to your organization. Get started by clicking Start My Legal Check Up below.


Review Your Changes to Your Organization and Goals for the Next Quarter

The best legal advice is tailored towards your specific business activities and goals. We review any changes or anticipated changes to your organization and your goals for the next quarter and help you understand the unique legal risks and opportunities that your goals create.  


Check any Documents You Use with

Your Customers

Any time you interact with your customers you create an opportunity for legal risk. We review the different agreements that you have in place for those interactions and look for any issues that may arise. These interactions may include online terms and conditions, contracts, event or liability waivers, podcast agreements, website, social media, and more.


Check any Existing Employee and/or Independent Contractor Agreements

Growing your organization with employees and/or independent contractors is an exciting time. But when not done appropriately, you can create unnecessary risk that could create a legal and financial nightmare down the road. We review any agreements and or policies you have in place with your employees and independent contractors to make sure there won't be any future surprises.


Meeting with Athena Lawyer to

Review Your Results

We compile and walk you through a report highlighting actions you can take to protect and grow your business value based on business goals and have the peace of mind that you understand your legal risks and opportunities. We help you prioritize actions you may want to take to position your organization for success.


Take Action to Protect and Grow Your Value and Achieve Your Goals

Now it is time for you to get to work and take action on what you've learned. We are happy to assist you where we can.

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Your legal check up provides you with the knowledge of what legal risks and opportunities your goals create and the confidence and power to take manage and take advantage of them
- putting you in the driver's seat to make 2024 your best year yet!

Athena Legal Check Up

Choose the Your Legal Check Up Plan

One-time or Quarterly Check Ups Throughout the Year

  • Best Value
    Every month
    Identify legal risks and opportunities throughout the year
    Valid for 12 months
  • 525$
    One-time identification of legal risks and opportunities
    Valid for 3 months

Are You Ready to Create a Solid Foundation for Your Business?

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