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Protecting Your Trademark Investment

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Congrats! You have registered your trademark.


There are five things trademark owners need to do to ensure they are able to keep their trademark registered with the USPTO.

We now offer services to make this easy for you and allow you to stay focused on building your brand, not worrying about brand copycats.

Registered Trademark Auditing Services

The number one thing you need to do once you have a registered trademark is use your trademark and the ® appropriately. While it sounds easy, it isn't always as easy as it appears. To take this stress off, we offer Trademark Auditing Services. We will audit your website and two social media platforms of your choice and provide you with a report that outlines:

  1. If you are using your trademark appropriately,

  2. How to make the necessary changes to protect your trademark investment, and

  3. Potential trademarks you should be protecting with the TM now.


Registered Trademark Monitoring Services

Once you are using your trademark appropriately, you need to also monitor and stop people who are using your trademark. Failure to monitor your trademark can lead to your trademark being cancelled.


Our TM Monitoring Package includes: 

  • Continuous monitoring of websites,

  • Continuous monitoring of USPTO filings and office actions, and

  • a Quarterly Report of our findings with our analysis of next steps available to you (e.g., not worry, send a cease and desist, reach out to see if they are interested in licensing your trademark, etc.)


Responding to Potential Infringers

When someone is potentially or considering infringing on your trademark you have a few options. Sometimes you don't need to do anything because the USPTO is going to shut them down, some times you need to ask them to stop, and sometimes it presents an opportunity for you license your trademark and make some money off of your business asset. 

We can help you determine which is the best response for you and your business.


Expanded Goods and Services Filing

If there is nothing you can depend on as a business owner is that change is constant. It is important that your trademark registration covers any new products or services you are offering. 

Schedule a free consultation to discuss if an additional filing is required to update the products and services.  


Registered Trademark Renewals

Five years after your trademark is first registered, you need to renew your trademark registration or it will be cancelled by the USPTO.


Between 9 and 10 years after you register your mark and every ten years thereafter, you need to renew your trademark registrations.

We offer flat-rate packages to make renewal of your trademark simple.

You've invested in protecting and growing your brand,
but the work doesn't end with just registering your trademark.

Athena can give you the peace of mind that your investment in a registered trademark will continue to pay dividends.
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