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Virtual Law Firm + Strategic Advice + Transparent Fees

Providing innovative value for cost legal solutions to business leaders in Wisconsin

Athena Legal Solutions + Your Business

At Athena Legal Solutions, we believe that business leaders are some of the bravest and most independent people in the world.  And what you do changes the world. But even visionaries, like you, shouldn't have to do it alone. 


We go beyond for you. We are more than an attorney, we are your trusted teammate. We learn your business and serve as a strategic partner focused on providing pragmatic, business-driven legal advice to help your business 
grow and thrive.

Our team works with businesses and start-ups ranging from tech, heart-centered leaders and coaches, and purpose-
driven entrepreneurs throughout Wisconsin. No matter if your business is a side hustle or your full-time job, 
no business is too small for good, trusted advice.    

You deserve great advice and owe yourself a sidekick who has your back.
Schedule a complimentary call with us to see how we can team up!
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Legal Solutions for Your Business

Athena works with clients to determine which services fit your budget and meet your most urgent needs first.
Additionally, we offer different service models – hourly, flat fee, and payment plans – to ensure you have access to the counsel you need.



Athena helps you determine which entity structure (e.g., partnership, LLC, corporation, etc.) is the right one for your business and helps you file and form your business.


We also advise on other legal obligations and activities applicable to businesses such as seller's permits, Articles of Organization, Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreements, and others.



Athena works with you to help build and maintain a thriving, well-run organization.


We assist with such issues as mergers and asset transfers, equity agreements, employee agreements, including NDAs and non-competes, contracts and other types of agreements, including SaaS contracts, partnership agreements, agreements with vendors and contracts, and more.



Athena can advise you on how to best protect what makes your business special and limit your risk.


We assist with such issues as trademark search and application, copyright notices and registration, and website and mobile app terms of use and privacy policy. 

What To Expect
in four easy steps



Schedule a free consultation, 
discuss your needs, and ensure
Athena is the right fit for you.



Each business owner deserves legal advice as unique as their business. This means taking the time to understand the specific needs of your business and industry and exploring solutions to create a customized plan.



Complete the process of hiring Athena so we can get to work on protecting your organization.



Focus on growing your organization and let Athena handle your organization's legal needs.

You deserve great advice and owe yourself a sidekick who has your back.
Schedule a complimentary call with us to see how we can team up!
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founder of Athena Legal Solutions

I left my corporate job advising big businesses on how to make more money by protecting their valuable assets and how to appropriately take risks because life is too short to not live your best life!

Founding Athena Legal Solutions has allowed me to use my business, nonprofit, and legal skills honed after more than two decades in the private and public sectors. Unlike most lawyers, I’ve never worked at a law firm, I've only ever worked as in-house counsel for an organization. Therefore, my approach to the law is based on the pragmatic realities of running an organization and focused on supporting you in achieving your goals!

I see myself as a trusted part of your team who understands your business and enables you to use the law to grow your organization and achieve your goals. 

Too often leaders don’t seek legal advice until it is too late and the costs are too high. Proactive, instead of reactive, legal actions can set you up for greater success and help you avoid higher costs down the road. 

I'll work with you to evaluate your needs and help you prioritize what actions need to happen in the short-, mid-, and long-term to help your organization thrive.

“As a small business owner, I hesitated to contact an attorney because of my lack of knowledge in legal issues and I was concerned about affordability. Then I met Carolyn, owner of Athena Legal Solutions and she assured me that we could prioritize tasks and keep things affordable. Carolyn was extremely professional, easy to work with and happy to answer all of my questions, and provide easy to understand resources. I highly recommend Athena Legal Solutions to all small business owners..”

— Laura Gleisner, Owner
Mindful Leadership

“Like most people, I didn't really know how to get the help we needed with our new LLC and frankly I was a bit nervous to search for an attorney. Carolyn was so approachable and helpful when discussing all the different aspects of our work. She helped us think through things that we didn't even realize we needed. She was thorough and really took the time to learn about us and what we wanted to accomplish with our business. If you're needing help with your company but you don't know where to start, contact Carolyn at Athena Legal Solutions!”

— Jennifer Kleckner
10X Prosperity, LLC

“Athena Legal Solutions took care of everything related to the filing of my LLC, the wording of my privacy policy and terms and conditions pages on my website, as well drafting my customer agreements and contracts. Carolyn is efficient, responds in a timely manner, and is knowledgeable about all aspects of starting a business. I feel confident that she has my interests at heart and will keep me informed on the best legal needs of my particular business. This leaves me more time to work on what I do best. I highly recommend Athena Legal Solutions."

— Laurie Everitt, Owner

Puppet Laurieate, LLC

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