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As a certified Health & Life Coach with a master’s degree in Recreational Studies and Body Image Perception, Katy helps burnt out women who are struggling with their weight and energy create a total body transformation by ditching the diet & over-exercising mentality.


She has a passion to encourage individuals to take empowered ownership of their lives by focusing on their daily habits. 


By the end of working with Katy, clients have different rituals, different habits, and feel totally transformed in their bodies... and what Katy aims towards is not some quick-fix diet, but rather making those changes last.

Top Services: 1:1 Coaching, Workshops


Bonus Offer: Free Transformational Strategy Session 

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Kerri brings decades of personal and professional experience, along with impressive training and credentials to her work as a transformational coach. Her calling is to help people connect with the world around them through personal authenticity. She works with clients to transform themselves from the inside out, giving them the opportunity to live more meaningful, joyful and authentic lives so they can achieve their bad-ass dreams instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Top Services: 1:1 Coaching, Group Programs, Workshops

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Laura Gleisner, BSE, MS, PCC is a communication specialist, professional leadership coach and founder of Mindful Leadership. Laura trains leaders and teams in mindful communication techniques to create a healthy work environment, and increase satisfaction, results, productivity and profits. As a coach, she works with leaders to decrease burnout and increase resilience, work life satisfaction and professional impact.

Top Services: 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Private Events, Team Training

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To rewrite the entrepreneur culture and create a new norm of healthy businesses, owners and workers by systematically bringing together businesses, maximizing on each specialty and prioritizing based on budgets and needs.

Top Services: 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Networking Events, Education Programs

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Nancy Kalsow is a Certified Professional Life and Career Coach (CLC,CPC), Certified Senior Human Resources Professional (SHRP, SHRM-SCP) and has been facilitating, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams for over 30 years. Nancy advises companies and individuals to first make conscious choices related to their values and then establish the course of action and rhythm necessary to do those things well.

Top Services: 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Retreats, Workshops

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I work with people trying to find greater connection and fulfillment in their personal, professional, physical or spiritual lives. This work can take many different forms.  I start every interaction  start with the simple premise that “there’s more to life than this.” Then I help my clients figure out what that challenge means for them, and how to achieve their most-fulfilled life.

Top Services: 1:1 Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Private Events

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As a coach in the youth and high school sphere in southern Wisconsin, Shelby, a life-long athlete, has been witness to the significant need for mental skill growth in athletes and performing artists. Her focuses lie in facilitating positive goal setting, confidence and empowerment, and management of performance arousal. As a member of the APA, AASP, and ACSM, Shelby is committed to current, scientific, and clinically proven methods. 

Top Services: 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Workshops

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It’s lonely at the top, and Susan is on a mission to change that. She’s driven to help leaders make connections, have a safe environment to vet their experiences, and help them gain confidence and skills to transform the businesses and people they have into the businesses and people they want. An award-winning, global top 100 coach since 2010, and co-founder of ActionCOACH of Madison, Susan’s building our local team to make these coaching resources available to Wisconsin business leaders.

Top Services: 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Workshops, Business Planning, Business Education

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Tina is a captivating speaker, author of The Strength of our Anchors and the host of an online show called Your Leadership Legacy. After 22 years in corporate, she formed True You Teams, a leadership development company dedicated to helping leaders become stronger, healthier, evolved leaders. 

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Top Services: 1:1 Coaching, Team Training, Workshops

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