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Ready to Transition from Solopreneur to Entrepreneur?

Growing Your Team to Help You Build Your Dream?

You've gotten to the point you need to bring on help to keep your business growing.

We are here to make sure you add to your team in a way that keeps your risk low and protects what makes you great.

Building Your Dream Confidently

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Protect What Makes You Great

Establish your business confidence, authority, and value
by working with Athena to create a solid legal foundation  

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How We Can Help You


We offer a number of services including flat-rate packages to make creating your solid legal foundation easy to plan and budget. Our flat-rate packages for entrepreneurs include: 

Employee Hiring

Includes everything you need to be an employer in Wisconsin:​

  • Registration with the State and IRS

  • Offer Letter

  • Employee Handbook or Various Employee Agreements - Employment, Confidentiality, Noncompete, and Assignment of IP 



As you bring on employees make sure you have the policies in place to protect your business.


This handbook includes the core policies that are needed to protect a Wisconsin employer.


Various Employee Agreements

If you don't have an employee handbook, you need to have a variety of other agreements in place to protect you and your business. These agreements include:

  • Employment 

  • Confidentiality

  • Noncompete

  • Assignment of IP

$350 each

EE Severance Agreement

Appropriately parting ways with an employee to limit your future risk involves having them sign a severance agreement.


Independent Contractor Agreement

Anytime you hire someone to do work on your behalf, it is critical to have an agreement that outlines how that relationship will work. We create a template you can use to work with a number of contractors depending on your needs.



Add a lawyer to your team on an ongoing basis. Commit to 3 months of services and receive 15 hours of legal services during that time at a reduced hourly rate

$1100 a month

Operating Agreement to add Spouse to LLC

If you want to add your spouse to your LLC, we offer a unit purchase agreement, amended and restated operating agreement, and an UWC





Contracts for Your Situation

We can create contracts to address a number of unique situations for your business. Schedule a free consultation and we can discuss what a potential flat rate may look like.


*See our FAQs to better understand what it is like to work with an Athena lawyer.

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Creating a solid foundation ensures you can be confident your personal assets are not at risk from your business activities. Failure to appropriately set up your business can lead to your personal assets being at risk.


By putting in place a solid legal foundation specific to how you do business, you have the ability to legally go after copycats who try to steal what makes you great.


Appropriately protecting what makes you great builds value in your business. This value can leveraged to create more value for your business.

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Benefits of  a Solid Legal Foundation
for Your Business 


Are You Ready to Protect What Makes You Great?

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