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Valued over $1,300

This year, we want to recognize and celebrate all of the amazing women entrepreneurs who have poured their talents, hard work, and energy into their passion to start a business.

At Athena Legal Solutions, we understand small business owners have a lot on their plate so we’ve partnered with several of our Women-for-Women Power Partners to host a giveaway to help entrepreneurs like you take the time to put your wellness - mental, physical, financial, and legal - first so you have the confidence and knowledge to continue changing the world!

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Through the end of February 2022, one lucky winner will have the chance to win...

2-Hour Life and Wellness Workshop ($247)
Katy Chryst Health Coaching

1:1 Learning Your Leadership Style Coaching Session and DiSC Workplace Assessment ($395)
Red Baron Coaching

My Walk My Way:
Women Who Changed Their Lives One Step at a Time  ($14.99)

Laura Hulleman - Author and Creator

Financial Junk Drawer Organization & Consultation ($349)
10X Prosperity, LLC

Legal Check Up ($375)
Athena Legal Solutions LLC


We are accepting admissions from February 1-28, 2022, and will be announcing the winner on Facebook Live on March 1, 2022, so make sure you are following our page! View the giveaway rules here.

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Gimme the Details
The giveaway includes:

  • 2-Hour Workshop with Katy Chryst, Health & Wellness Coach

  • 1:1 Learning Your Leadership Style Coaching Session and DiSC Workplace Assessment with Kerri Balliet, Certified Transformational Life Coach

  • Your own copy of the book - My Walk My Way:Women Who Changed Their Lives One Step at a Time from one of its authors, Laura Hulleman

  • Receive help organizing your financial junk drawer with a one-page model  that will give you a view of your whole financial pictures and a free consultation to review your model with Jennifer Kleckner from 10X Prosperity

  • Receive a legal check up which will provide you with the knowledge of what legal risks and opportunities your goals create and the confidence and power to take manage and take advantage of them - putting you in the driver's seat to make 2022 your best year yet!


Who we are

Carolyn Jahnke of Athena Legal Solutions LLC

Carolyn Jahnke

Athena Legal Solutions

Athena Legal Solutions believes that no business or nonprofit is too small for good, trusted legal advice, so we offer provide proactive, customized-to-your business or nonprofit legal and intellectual property services.

Athena Legal Solutions is the go-to  partner that allows you to focus on what you do best with the knowledge and confidence that you are legally protected.

Katy Chryst of  Katy Chryst Health Coaching

Katy Chryst

Katy Chryst Health Coaching

As a certified Health & Life Coach with a master’s degree in Recreational Studies and Body Image Perception, Katy helps burnt out women who are struggling with their weight and energy create a total body transformation by ditching the diet & over-exercising mentality. 


By the end of working with Katy, clients have different rituals, different habits, and feel totally transformed in their bodies... and what Katy aims towards is not some quick-fix diet, but rather making those changes last.

Kerri Balliet of Red Baron Coaching

Kerri Balliet

Red Baron Coaching

Kerri brings decades of personal and professional experience, along with impressive training and credentials to her work as a transformational coach. Her calling is to help people connect with the world around them through personal authenticity. She works with clients to transform themselves from the inside out, giving them the opportunity to live more meaningful, joyful and authentic lives so they can achieve their bad-ass dreams instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Laura Hulleman of Endotype Formula, LLC

Laura Hulleman

Endotype Formula, LLC

Laura sees a world of people no longer hustling to be who they have been told to be. Instead, they have a full understanding of who they are, who they have been designed to be, and can build their entire life around that design. Individuals choose careers they loved and understand exactly who they are designed to serve. 

She believes the Endotype Formula is the key to a better life for you and perhaps a better world. I see potential, beauty, and power in each and every one of us.  

Jennifer Kleckner of 10X Property LLC

Jennifer Kleckner

10X Prosperity, LLC

Jennifer has brought her experience, skills and talents as an educator and financial strategist to10X Prosperity. Influenced early by her educational career in the insurance industry, Jennifer’s passion and care towards her clients paired with creativity and strategy towards our financial systems bring authenticity, integrity and value to the financial industry. She has a proven ability to help people look at building their financial wealth not by using the typical financial tools but by introducing alternative types of investments and strategies. Jennifer has 28 years of experience in insurance, financial and facilitation industry.

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