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Small Business Month

Valued almost $900

Do you have a side hustle that has grown beyond what you'd originally imagined

and want to make sure legally you are protected?


Are you thinking about taking making money from your passion project,

but aren't sure where to start?


Have you been in business for awhile and

wanted to work with a lawyer to make sure you were set up legally?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,

this is the giveaway for you!

At Athena Legal Solutions, we understand small business owners have a lot on their plate and we are here to help. To celebrate National Small Business Month, we are giving away to two winners their choice of our WI LLC Formation Package or our Legal Check Up Package so you can create a solid legal foundation for your passion.

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Through the end of May, two lucky winners will have the chance to win their choice of our...

WI LLC Formation Package
Valued at $495

This package gives you everything you need to open your bank accounts
and legally form your business in Wisconsin.



Athena Legal
Check Up

Valued at $375

This Check Up covers the top three key areas of your business that are most likely to create legal risk for your organization. Our check up enables you to be in the best position to protect and grow your organization's value over the next 3 to 6 months.

We are accepting entries beginning May 3, 2023, and will be announcing the winner on Facebook Live on June 1, 2023, so make sure you are following our page! View the giveaway rules here.

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Gimme the Details
The giveaway includes 
your choice of one of the following

  • WI LLC Formation Package, which includes:

    • Business name search to make sure no one else is using that name or has a trademark of that name;

    • Filing of WI single-member LLC Articles of Organization, which makes you legal business in the state of Wisconsin;

    • Filing fee required by the state of Wisconsin to form your business;

    • Operating Agreement, an agreement that some banks require to open a business account;

    • Employer Identification Number (EIN) that allows you to use a different tax identification for your business instead of your personal social security number; and 

    • Seller’s Permit (if needed) to make sure you are legally selling your goods and are registered to collect/pay sales tax.

  • Legal Check Up, which includes:

    • ​​Reviewing Your Top 3 Goals for the Next 3-6 Months - The best legal advice is tailored towards your specific goals. We review your top three goals and help you understand the unique legal risks and opportunities that your goals create.  

    • Checking any Documents You Use with Your Customers - Any time you interact with your customers you create an opportunity for legal risk. We review the different agreements that you have in place for those interactions and look for any issues that may arise. These interactions may include online terms and conditions, contracts, event or liability waivers, podcast agreements, website, social media, and more.

    • Checking any Existing Employee and/or Independent Contractor Agreements - Growing your organization with employees and/or independent contractors is an exciting time. But when not done appropriately, you can create unnecessary risk that could create a legal and financial nightmare down the road. We review any agreements and or policies you have in place with your employees and independent contractors to make sure there won't be any future surprises.

    • Meeting with Athena Lawyer to Review Your Results - We compile and walk you through a report highlighting actions you can take to protect and grow your business value based on business goals and have the peace of mind that you understand your legal risks and opportunities. We help you prioritize actions you may want to take to position your organization for success.


One of the scarier parts of being a small business owner is understanding how to manage your business legally. At Athena Legal Solutions, we don't believe you need to do it alone. Our job is to advise and empower you to use the law to grow and protect your business. 

Like our Facebook page for updates on the giveaway and to watch the live drawing of the winner on June 1 at 9am. 

Who we are

Carolyn Jahnke of Athena Legal Solutions LLC

Carolyn Jahnke

Athena Legal Solutions

Athena Legal Solutions believes that entrepreneurs are amazing! No business or nonprofit is too small for good, trusted advice, so we offer innovative value for cost legal solutions. Grounded in over a decade of experience working with nonprofits and businesses, Athena offers pragmatic advice, services, and tools to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

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