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Athena Women Power Partners


At Athena Legal Solutions, one of our mottos is “you don’t have to hustle alone,” and while this represents the way we work with our clients, it’s about so much more than just how we can help you protect your business.


We truly believe that connecting with, partnering with, and learning from other businesses makes us all stronger.

So we've created the Women Power Partners Directory. It is a directory of women-owned businesses that serve women entrepreneurs and we want to include YOU.

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Through July 17, we are accepting applications for women-owned businesses that serve women entrepreneurs to be included in each category. 

Categories Include:

  • Legal 

    • Employment

    • Litigation

    • Family and Divorce

    • Estate

  • Finance

    • Personal Finance

    • Business Finance 

    • Payment Processing

    • Retirement Planning 

  • Human Resources 

    • Payroll 

    • Benefits 

    • Consulting 

    • EE Policies/Procedures and Handbooks 

  • Insurance 

  • Event Planning

  • Gifts and Clothing

  • Marketing

    • Website 

    • Social Media 

    • Promotional Items 

    • Advertising 

    • Copywriting 

  • Health/Wellness 

    • Trauma Recovery 

    • Medical 

    • Self-Care 

    • Coaching 

  • Coaching 

    • General

    • Business 

    • Leadership/Executive 

    • Team

  • Software and Office Supplies 

  • Customer Experience

  • And Much More.... 

We are accepting applications from June 1 - July 17. 
View the application details here.

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Who we are

This is Carolyn Jahnke, the woman behind Athena Legal Solutions LLC

Athena Legal Solutions

Athena Legal Solutions believes that entrepreneurs are amazing! No business or nonprofit is too small for good, trusted advice, so we offer innovative value-for-cost legal solutions. Grounded in over a decade of experience working with nonprofits and businesses, Athena offers pragmatic advice, services, and tools to help heart-centered entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Carolyn Jahnke

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